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Red wine therapy at Thermae 2000 in South Limburg

by Elisa Flitter Fever
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Wine therapy at Thermae 2000, that sounds good, right? It is. Enjoy a relaxing soak in red wine from the most famous vineyard in The Netherlands, Wine domain St. Martinus. Great idea. Until now I only knew this special experience from Japan, but now it is also possible in South Limburg!

Relaxed bathing... but then in wine with wine therapy Thermae 2000 South Limburg
Relaxed bathing… but then in wine (photo credits Olga Volkovitskaia)

Wine therapy Thermae 2000

Less than 20 km apart, Thermae 2000 wellness resort and St. Martinus vineyard & winery. Both are located in the rolling South Limburg landscape in The Netherlands. And now they have found each other in a great new concept: wine therapy, also known as Vino Therapy. Super cool, because this brings my two great hobbies – wellness and wine – together in a great way. Yes!

Bathing in wine is therefore no longer a dream, but a beautiful reality. At least, it is possible from Wednesday 20 April 2022. Moreover, healthy for the body and relaxing for the mind. And sustainable too, yes, yes. Well what more could a person want? In this way, the wine pulp left over from the pressing of the grapes when making wine, in this case the Monarch grape, is used for a very useful purpose: your moment of relaxation.

For information about the content of the wine therapy treatment and packages, check out the website of Thermae 2000.

Toast in your bathrobe at wine therapy Thermae 2000 South Limburg
Cheers to wine therapy at Thermae 2000

Thermae 2000

The spa and wellness center Thermae 2000 in Valkenburg offers a beautiful view from the 134 meter high Cauberg. You can enjoy the pleasant spring weather in the outdoor thermal baths. Is this the most beautiful place in The Netherlands? It could be. In any case, it is wonderful to enjoy and relax here.

There are also 9 saunas and 2 steam baths. The wine therapy, now available at Thermae 2000, completes the picture and is very attractive. I wouldn’t wait too long to book, by the way, as the availability of wine therapy at Thermae 2000 is limited.

Did you know that Thermae 2000 was the first real spa and wellness center to open in the Netherlands?

  • Thermae 2000
  • Adres: Cauberg 25-27 in Valkenburg
  • Opening hours: daily from 09:00h till 23:00h

Hotel Thermae 2000

Do you not live in South Limburg yourself? Stay the night in the hotel of Thermae 2000 and only go home the next day – fully charged with new energy. Isn’t it wonderful if you don’t have to drive a long way after a relaxing day of wellness and your wine therapy? After a dip in the baths with thermal water from your own source, you can walk straight to your hotel room in your bathrobe.

Just stay the night at Thermae 2000. There are advantageous packages. But if you want, you can also make separate room reservations at the Thermae 2000 hotel via booking.

Suite Thermae 2000 Valkenburg
Suite bij Hotel Thermae 2000 (photo credits booking.com)

Wine Weekend Away in South Limburg

Or go crazy; stay a few extra nights and explore the beautiful surroundings of Thermae 2000. There is plenty to do in this area, such as discovering special vineyards. For example during a nice wine walk through the beautiful South Limburg landscape.

The vineyard of St. Martinus is also well worth a visit for a tasting. This is the domain of the most famous winegrower in the Netherlands, Stan Beurskens. I myself have been there several times. Reservations are recommended as it can get busy, especially on weekends and school holidays.

Is the Thermae 2000 hotel full yet? Or are you looking for something a little different, perhaps on a smaller scale? Then staying at Domain Holset might be something for you. There they make and serve delicious sparkling wines. Domein Holset is located in Lemiers, less than half an hour’s drive from Thermae 2000, near the so-called ‘border triangle’ (with Germany and Belgium).

Wine domain St. Martinus South Limburg vineyard
Wine domain St. Martinus

When will you go?

I hope you found this article on wine therapy at Thermae 2000 enjoyable and interesting. If you go soon, I wish you a lot of fun. Feel free to share this article on social media to make other wine and wellness enthusiasts aware of this new opportunity. If you have an additional tip or question, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this article.

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You like wine? Visit vineyards in The Netherlands, you’ll be surprised about the quality. I can highly recommend doing a Wine Weekend Getaway.

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