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Cycling my way along the Hidden Gems of Prague

by Flitter Fever

Just got back from my umpteenth city trip to Prague. God, I how much I love this city! It is undeniable that Prague, like many other popular destinations, is getting more and more crowded with tourists every year. I decided to join the 3-hour Hidden Gems Prague Bike Tour of Mijn Praag Tours (360 Tours Prague) last weekend to discover new places and see where the locals hang out.

We found the office of Mijn Praag Tours in one of those cute winding streets in the heart of Prague’s Old Town, just 100 meters from the Old Square. The bright smile from the beautiful Zuzanna makes me feel welcome instantly. Since our tour would be partly uphill, she kindly recommends taking a sporty black mountain bike for this tour. Thanks Zuzi!

Sporty vs. gears

Coming from a country that is as flat as a pancake (The Netherlands) basically any hill can take my breath away, especially while riding a bicycle. But I decided to be brave and honestly, I did not regret it for a second. And my 7-months pregnant friend neither!

The tour actually turned out to be very doable for pretty much every sports level. Sure, the gears and breaks come in handy. Cobble stone roads can be pretty tricky, especially after some rain. Luckily we all survived thanks to our guide’s golden tip: do not use the left break and you will be fine!

Cute guide

Our guide Brian kept the tour in perfect balance by making frequent stops to catch breath, take a sip of water, show us another hidden gem, tell a story and take some photos. Brian told us several fascinating historical tales and interesting facts, all with a touch of humor and a big bright smile. Knowledge, humor, enthusiasm and a friendly nature, now that’s a great combo for a tour guide’s personality! And cute too 😉 Brian showed us numerous places I had never been to, despite the fact that I have been in the city for about ten times or so. Well done!


The Hidden Gems Prague Bike Tour is perfect if you want to see new, not so touristy things, discover the hidden gems. And if you are on a short visit for example. The great thing about cycling is that, compared to walking for example, you can see more in a short period of time. And especially on a short trip, time is precious; you want to see a lot and spend your time wisely. I am sure this will be helpful to win your next game of Trivial Pursuit haha

“I was in Prague for less than 48 hours but I saw a lot of the city because of the pleasant and informative bike ride with guide Brian. Prague looks and smells so good!” – Saskia

These tours are personalized and interactive, not a speed-walk along the obvious highlights (unless you want it to be, in case of a private tour). Do you want to get an in-depth sense of Prague, see the best views and a best value experience? Trust me, go for this Hidden Gems Prague Bike Tour with 360 Tours Prague! Ideal for families, friends, solo travelers, bachelor(ette) weekends, team building, students, people interested in history, etc. Kids under 10 get 50% off most tours.

Mijn Praag Tours

Owners Dennis Levi and Joshua Jannink both fell in love with Prague many years ago and love sharing their enthusiasm for this gorgeous city to visitors. Dennis set up the company four years ago and Joshua joined soon after. Their mission: “With our tours, we hope to give you an insider’s view of this truly magical city!” Now that’s what you want, right?

Mijn Praag Tours is the mother company of 360 Tours Prague (for English tours) and Meine Prag Touren (for German tours). With a team of 16 devoted and passionate guides, Mijn Praag Tours offers 10 different tours by foot and bicycle. Customers are serviced in English, Dutch, Flemish and German on a daily basis throughout the year. All tours can also be booked private, if desired.

Mijn Praag Tours is a well-respected, super professional tour company yet with a personal touch. For sure the best in Prague! Dutchies Dennis and Joshua have plans to expand beyond Prague; to which cities will be announced later. Not fully convinced yet? Check the reviews of Mijn Praag Tours on Tripadvisor and read what other customers have to say.

Brian, Joshua, Dennis, Elisa, Zuzanna


Are you planning on going to Prague? Follow Mijn Praag Tours and/or 360 Tours Prague on Facebook! Mijn Praag Tours is a very lively page.

Cheers! Have a wonderful weekend!

Posted by 360Tours Prague on Friday, 10 August 2018

Curious about the highlights and other personal recommendations of Prague such as restaurants, accommodation, money, transport, etc. please read my earlier article Pretty Prague – my favourite addresses.

This article was created as a result of a sponsored collaboration between Mijn Praag Tours and Flitter Fever, on the initiative of Flitter Fever. Flitter Fever cannot be held liable in any way for any incident or whatsoever that may occur during a tour with Mijn Praag Tours.

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