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Wow Elisa, what a trip!!! I would love to visit …

by Elisa Flitter Fever
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Comment on Discover gorgeous Namibia – Africa Dream Trip part 3 by Naomi / AuthenticChica.

Wow Elisa, what a trip!!! I would love to visit Namibia as well and especially the Sossusvlei looks amazing, although your trip was so diverse.
Thanx for sharing so many wonderful pics and tips.
Loved it!

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Zo gaaf meis, wat een heerlijke beleving en mooie blog! Ziet er prachtig uit daar en zou ook zo terug willen! Well done and thnx for sharing! Xxx

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Woooowww Elisa, you’re soooo sweet and I feel so honored to be mentioned so extensively here! Really nice to read and it was such a pleasure meeting you too!
Hope to see you again soon and thanx so much for this awesome write up♡♡♡
Keep up the great work, xxx
Naomi AKA Authentic Chica?

25hours Hotel in Vienna is the most Fun Crazy Cool Hotel ever!
Awww thnx so much for the mention Elisa and I am so happy that I was able to inspire you!
This is a great review and wonderful article, love it! As I do the 25hours hotels, all so unique and amazing!
Keep up the great work girl!
Big kisses and hugs,
Naomi – www.AuthenticChica.com

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Wow Elisa, what an elaborate and very useful post!! I definitely plan to go to Prague sometime soon so this post is very helpful for that! I can imagine the amount of work which went into this and appreciate it! Keep up the good work??? Kisses Naomi

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