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My trips – an overview 2019-2022

Despite of my more than full-time job as a marketing manager in animal health, I have developed a habit of traveling about every month. A lot? Well, before that, I traveled was almost every week. On this page I will tell you where my trips have taken me over the past couple of years.

In 2020, travel plans and possibilities were unfortunately dramatically impacted by COVID-19. As a result, over the last couple of years, I have spent a lot more time than usual in my home country The Netherlands. But as soon as I see an opportunity, I travel abroad again.

This is an overview of my trips on chronological order. For a complete overview of all the countries that I have visited ever (on alphabetical order), please check out the page Where I’ve Been.

Trips 2022

Jan – Mexico
Feb – Twente NL
Mar – Friesland NL
Apr – Cyprus, Leuven BE
May – Italy
Jun – Italy
Jul – London UK, Azores
Aug – Zeeland
Sep – Achterhoek NL, Uganda
Oct – Cologne
Nov – Antwerp BE, Hannover & Dortmund DE
Dec – Gambia, Senegal

In 2022 I made 17 trips, 12 of which were abroad. This year I visited 10 different countries (4 of which were new countries) and was on a plane 19 times. For this website I wrote 61 articles in 2022, of which 44 were in Dutch and 17 in English. I do this in addition to my (more than) full-time job as a marketing manager (for which I also regularly write articles).

Unfortunately, I am hopelessly behind in writing about the destinations I have already visited… For example, I have published zero articles on Cyprus, London and Puglia so far. That also had something to do with my Post Master study… My good intention is of course to do that a.s.a.p. Never a dull moment!

Furthermore, in 2022 I was able to enjoy no fewer than five awesome live concerts by the Backstreet Boys and one by Adele in Hyde Park London. I love traveling for music!

Maya hieroglyphs on a temple wall Chichen Itza
The beautiful town hall of Leuven Louvain

Trips 2021

Jan – Hoge Veluwe Otterlo
Feb – Central Drenthe
Mar – Southeast Friesland
Apr – Drentsche Aa
May – Drenthe
Jun – Central Friesland & Domein Holset Zuid Limburg
Jul – Vineyards Groesbeek
Aug – Dutch vineyards incl. Zwirs in Heerhugowaard
Sep – Jordan
Oct – Veluwe, Texel & Curaçao
Nov – Southeast Friesland
Dec – Mexico

Trips 2020

Jan – Thailand
Feb – Egypt
May – Northeast Drenthe
Jul – Delft, Enkhuizen & South Limburg
Aug – Iceland
Oct – North Limburg

Trips 2019

Jan – New Zealand & Sydney
Mrt – Frankfurt
Apr – Malta
Jun – Drenthe & Prague
Jul – Black Forest (DE), Colmar (FR) & Bazel (CH)
Aug – Ibiza
Sep – Edinburgh
Oct – Israel & Palestine
Nov – Naples
Dec – Thailand

This page will be be expanded soon.

On Tripadvisor I have posted more than 1,000 contributions about my trips.

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