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What a fun and fantastic interview! Thank you for sharing …

by Elisa Flitter Fever
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Comment on Travel Junks interviews Elisa of Flitter Fever travel blog by Leslie.

What a fun and fantastic interview! Thank you for sharing it and for being so open in your responses; I feel like I got to know you so much better. Here’s to seeing the end of this crisis soon, so we can perhaps meet each other somewhere out on travel one of these days!

Recent Comments by Leslie

Blogs do not come for free – everything you need to know about part-time vs. fulltime blogging
I am aligned with you here! I would love to write full-time, but the life of a full-time travel blogger doesn’t appeal to me. I do love including travel stories on my blog–and love travel in general!–but I wouldn’t even want it to be the only topic I cover–my brain ranges too far on a daily basis for that.

Robot Hotel in Japan, the coolest and weirdest hotel experience ever!
This is wild! Thank you for sharing, Elisa. I had zero idea a robot hotel even existed! Seems like a surreal experience–and one I’d think kids (not that I have any!) would love. Japan is high on my destination wish list, so maybe I’ll have to give a night or two in a robot hotel a try when I get there!

Seville first-timer guide for a city trip to the beautiful capital of Andalusia
Sevilla is on my list of must-see destinations, and this post reminded me why. 🙂 I’ll have to see if I can get there in 2020–or maybe even later this year. I’ve so far only seen Madrid in Spain and I loved it. Everyone I’ve spoken to has told me that if I liked Madrid, I’d really love Barcelona and Seville.

Onsen experience in Japan: relax at a traditional ryokan with hot spring
This sounds magical! Japan is one of the top must-see countries on my list. I’d love to go long enough to see Tokyo, see the mountains, and see the beaches. Sounds like for the mountain portion of my dream voyage, I should try a ryokan. Japan is such a small country, with so much to see and to do!

Prague: my new discoveries for off the beaten path, hidden gems & local hotspot tips
Prague is possibly on our to-visit list in the very near term, so this article and your previous post are a helpful guides! What you mention about the tourist crowds has slightly put me off until now, but we’re hoping that if we go in the slightly off season, we’ll have a little more breathing room. (Fingers crossed!)

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