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Interrail Europe: Frequently Asked Questions about the popular rail pass

The Interrail Europe rail pass offers many attractive benefits. Perhaps you are considering buying one? In this article you can read the answers to a number of frequently asked questions about the popular Interrail Europe rail pass. When will you be traveling with Interrail Europe?

Interrail Europe app railplanner
Interrail Europe’s travel planner app

The Interrail Europe rail pass has been around for 50 years, is purchased >600,000 times a year and includes >30,000 destinations. The company behind Interrail, called Eurorail, is located in Utrecht.

A: Which Interrail Europe rail passes are there?

The most popular Interrail Europe rail pass is the Global Pass, which allows you to travel throughout Europe. Indicate in which period and how often you plan to use the train.

In addition, Interrail Europe has the so-called Country Pass; a specific country pass to travel by train through one country, such as Italy or Switzerland. Such an Interrail Country Pass is a good idea if you are already in that country, for example for study or an internship. Or if you decide to travel to a certain European country by plane, but then you would like to travel through that country by train.

There is also the Greek Pass from Interrail Europe, with which you can discover Greece by train, including the ferry from Italy. Also cool!

Fortunately it was clean inside the train between Vienna and Bratislava Interrail
Luckily this train was a lot cleaner inside (Vienna – Bratislava)

B: How long can you travel with an Interrail Europe rail pass?

The Interrail Europe rail pass offers options from 4 days to a maximum of 3 months of travel by train to 33 different European countries.

When purchasing the Interrail Europe rail pass (Global Pass), you choose a number of individual travel days within a period of 1, 2 or 3 months, or a number of consecutive days (15 or 22) or consecutive months (1, 2 or 3) .

Prague station from inside Interrail Europe
Prague Station

C: How much does an Interrail Europe rail pass cost?

The price of an Interrail Europe rail pass depends on your age, type of pass and the class you choose. The full starting price (4 days within 1 month) of a Global Pass is € 431 (2022, 2nd class). There is still the necessary discount for young people and the elderly.

  • Adults aged 28-59 pay full price
  • Young people aged 12-27 receive a 25% discount on the Global Pass and 20% on a One Country Pass
  • Up to 2 children aged 0-11 can travel for free per paying adult
  • Over 60s get a 10% discount

To purchase an Interrail Europe rail pass, I refer you to the website of NS International.

D: When and how much do you pay for seat reservation?

Seat reservations are:

  • mandatory in some trains, namely:
    • high-speed trains (AVE, Eurostar, Frecciarossa, ICE, TGV and Thalys), and
  • optional for travelers who want to be sure of a seat on a particular train.
  • recommended for popular routes between major cities and during peak periods (Easter, June, July, August, around Christmas and local holidays)

The cost of a seat reservation is not included with the Interrail Europe rail pass. These costs can vary from €1 to €140 per trip. This often includes free meals and/or newspapers, and in some cases including a bed and/or couchette. Seat reservations are available up to 3 months before departure and can be arranged via the app.

For the sleeper train you pay a surcharge Interrail Europa pass
You pay a surcharge for the sleeper train

E: What other benefits does the Interrail Europe rail pass have?

  1. Start your journey up to 11 months from purchase
  2. You only have to choose a start date on your first train travel date
  3. The ordered Interrail Europe rail pass will be delivered free of charge and immediately (via the app)
  4. Free replacement rail pass if you lose your phone
  5. Plan your trip and easily keep track of your trips via the app
  6. Mobile Pass: you will never lose your train ticket again and no train ticket on paper = sustainable
  7. Also nice: Interrail Europe has a flexible return and exchange policy

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Not sure what you want to do this summer? Suffering from flight shame or do you have a fear of flying? Or just fancy a new adventure? Consider traveling with the Interrail Europe rail pass! I hope you found this article interesting and helpful. Leave a comment below and feel free to share it on social media.

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