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National Park Una, unknown tranquil natural beauty in Bosnia-Herzegovina

by Flitter Fever

While NP Plitvice and NP Krka in neighbor Croatia are overrun by hordes of tourists, nearby NP Una in Bosnia and Herzegovina is still relatively unknown and pleasantly quiet.

NP Una

Bright blue water, huge waterfalls, lots of green – enough natural beauty to enjoy! And important: without hurdles of people around you!

Štrbački buk

The Štrbački buk is with 24.5 meters the highest and most spectacular waterfall of NP Una. The waterfall can actually be seen from two sides: from the Bosnian and Herzegovinian side it is at Una National Park, on the Croatian side it is Una Mamea Park. The Bosnian side is by far the most enjoyable with decent paths, excellent view points and facilities.

Amazing nature phenomenon and an unforgettable experience!

Good to know for your visit to Štrbački buk:

  • The gravel road from the village to the parking lot close to the falls takes about 20-30 min.
  • The entrance fee for Štrbački buk is 12 BAM for 2 persons.
  • Opening hours are 08:00-21:00h, 7 days a week, May 1st – September 30th.
  • The fall is easy to access by a good wooden foot path with 5 min from the parking lot.
  • Nearby the parking lot there are a restaurant (cash!), toilet, souvenir shop and picnic tables.
  • Una National Park is a great playground for people who love or would like to try rafting.


That blue water of Una River looks attractive, right? Especially on a hot summer day… Forgot to bring your swimwear? No worries! Just take off your clothes and jump into the water. Yep, nude. Like the locals do! Apparently, nudism is accepted in Bosnia.


Brown bears, lynxes, wolves, foxes, chamois, fishes and birds are Una’s inhabitants, next to a few people. Locals sell honey, juices, etc. alongside the road of the entrance of the park.

Where to find

Nacionalni Park Una as it’s called in Bosnian, is located in, or actually south of, Bihać. This is also the town where you can find ATMs to get Bosnian cash (BAM) for the entrance fee for example.

  • The northeastern point of where NP Una starts at the E761 near Ripac is just 25 km (30 min) southeast of the border crossing with Croatia at Novo Selo Koreničko, which is only 20 km (20 min) east of the entrance of Plitvice Lakes NP.
  • Una NP stretches out 65 km southwards along the Una River, which forms a natural border between Croatia and Bosnia.
  • Exits 3 (Štrbački buk) and 5 (Martin Brod) lead to the most attractive waterfalls of Una NP.
  • The most southern point of NP Una at R408 near Vrtoče is 115 km (2 hours) northeast to Krka NP.
  • GPS coordinates: 44° 29′ NB, 16° 8′ OL

Una National Park opened up to the public in 2008. Nevertheless there are still mostly gravel roads that lead to the main attractions. I guess this makes the park less accessible or attractive for the average tourist, but more adventurous and peaceful for us!

24 km upstream from Štrbački buk, in the direction of Kulen Vakuf (south of Štrbački buk), are the Martin Brod waterfalls, the largest complex of waterfalls on the river Una. The largest waterfall of the Martin Brod complex (Vodopad Veliki Una) is Milancev buk.

Where to stay

You can either visit Una National Park from your accommodation near Plitvice Lakes, or NP Krka in Croatia, or decide to spend the night in Bosnia. The ones I would recommend near/in Una NP:


Some facts:

  • Number of inhabitants: >3.5 million
  • Size: 51,129 km2 (19,741 sq. mi)
  • Capital: Sarajevo
  • Official languages: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian
  • Currency: Bosnian Convertible Marka (BAM)
  • President: the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina is a three-member body which collectively serves as Head of State of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently (since 2014) these are: Dragan Čović (Bosnian Croat), Mladen Ivanić (Bosnian Serb) and Bakir Izetbegović (Bosniak).
  • The two other national parks in Bosnia-Herzegovina are: Kozara National Park and Sutjeska National Park, which are both much older yet smaller than Una National Park.


Bosnia is not part of the European Union, so a valid passport is required to enter. In most cases a European identity card is also accepted by the Bosnian authorities, but since there is no official agreement, bringing your passport is recommended.


As soon as you cross the border into Bosnia, you will notice the minarets of mosques. Islam is the most widespread religion in Bosnia Herzegovina (half of the population), originating from the 15th and 16th centuries as a result of Ottoman (Turkish) conquest of the area.


Bosnia-Herzegovina still shows lots of scars from the Yugoslav Wars (1991-1999). Many destroyed and abandoned houses with bullet holes in the walls. In Croatia you also see some abandoned houses here and there, but by far not as many as in Bosnia, especially in the border region. Such contrast with the beauty of National Park Una!

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Jenni 07/03/2018 - 12:06

Hi! I stumbled upon your website while looking for more info on moving around Una National Park. I wanted to find alternatives to visiting Plitvice, since it seems the burden of visitors is too much for the place. Thanks for the detailed information and the lovely pictures! I was wondering about the entrance fee: on the Una NP website it is stated as 6 BAM per person (ŠTRBAČKI BUK), but you said 25 for 2 people – do the prices vary depending on where you buy your ticket? Also, I would love to know where that mountainous photo above the EU section was taken from? I definitely want to enjoy those views, too. Thanks!

View Comment
Flitter Fever 07/08/2018 - 15:39

Dear Jenni,
Good to hear that you like my blog about Una NP! I am sorry I only reply to your message now. I corrected the entrance fee to 12 BAM for 2 persons as I must have made a mistake in my notes. Thank you for verifying that, The mountainous photo above the EU section was taken between NP Una and the border with Croatia, on the way to Krka NP. Just follow Google Maps directions. When you drive back from Strbacki Buk to the village where the gravel road starts, go right in the direction of Martin Brod (asphalt road). You pass an old stone bridge at some point. A bit further, at the point where you can go right to Martin Brod, you go left up the mountains. Not sure any more how long it took from there to the point where this photo was taken, but as far as I remember not long (10-20 min maybe). After the mountains you come in a very green area where it is a lot more flat and where you drive through before passing the border. I do think that Plitvice is a beautiful park and worth visiting too, but very busy, especially between 11:00h and 14:00h, and in high season it will be worst. When are you going? Krka NP was more quiet, but not as beautiful as Plitvice and Una, just visit the big waterfall by boat from Skradin (go early). Enjoy!
Regards, Elisa from Flitter Fever

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Elle 07/26/2018 - 12:34

Hello !

This webpage is a gem! Thanks to your article I will skip Krka and just focus on Plitvice and Una.

Could you please help me out ? I am sleeping in Bihac and no car. So will take a taxi to go to Una Park. For one day I wish to walk a bit around, see waterfalls and swim not too far from Bihac ? Which place in the Park ould you recommend and which entrance shall I give the taxi driver ?

Thank you so much for your publication 🙂

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Flitter Fever 07/29/2018 - 12:32

Dear Elle, thank you so much for your kind comment, I really appreciate it. Glad you like the blog post about Una NP. Not having a car will be a bit of a handicap, the park is not really set up for people without a car. But I am sure there will be taxi drivers at Bihac that will be able to bring you to the waterfalls. As mentioned in the blog, Štrbački buk (exit 3) and Martin Brod (exit 5) are most interesting ones. A bike may be an option, but not easy and unusual. The Una NP is a wide area. At Štrbački buk you do not need a whole lot of time, about an hour excl. lunch. Best swimming spot is in the middle between the start of the gravel road at the village and the entrance of Štrbački buk. For Martin Brod you might want to have a bit of more time. So if you do this by taxi, you need someone for at least half a day to drive you a round. Plitvice is much better accessible and to get around by foot. Krka NP is also pretty widespread, you need a car, except the (busy) highlight Skradinski buk by boat from Skradin. Also recommendable: take a speedboat trip from Trogir: flitterfever.com/croatia-trogir ENJOY!

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Una, the one and only ! 12/22/2018 - 00:48

I dare to say that the Una River is an unexplored beauty among the rivers of the world, and probably among the cleanest ones. Wildlife, nature in general, silence, these are the characteristics of the environment, rafting, climbing, swimming, jumping … Cities and their citizens are so good hosts … History, culture, easy to experience.

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