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My top 3 travel bloggers

by Elisa Flitter Fever
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There are a lot of travel bloggers these days, some better than others. In this blog I will share with you my three favorite bloggers, all with their own unique style and audience. One thing they have in common and I personally really like about them: these are all three strong, independent women with guts, passion and humor, who love to travel, work their ass off for their success, and inspire me. So here are some of my favorite travel bloggers, in random order!

Young Adventuress

Meet Liz Carlson, who describes herself as “the cliché ordinary girl on an extraordinary journey”. Originally from the US, Liz started her blog in 2010 while living and teaching in Spain. Liz is a girl with balls and a great desire for adventure. Four years ago she moved to New Zealand and started blogging fulltime. In the meantime the Young Adventuress blogged herself into the top 10 of travel bloggers world-wide with about 202K followers on Instagram and 48K followers on Facebook.

I love the way Liz writes, full of humor and sarcasm. The blog The best hate I got in 2015 is a good example. When Trump was elected as President of the United States, Liz published a blog on How to move to New Zealand as an American. She also published several blogs to help others, for example How to get paid to travel the world.

Some of my favorite blogs of the Young Adventuress include:

Liz likes hiking and hanging out with fluffy animals. Her pictures usually include wonderful views of nature. What makes her photographs always so amazing and inspiring to me, is their reflection of a desirable, warm atmosphere (season change, homey, etc.). As a female solo traveler Liz shows that when you believe in something and dare to go for it, you can make your dreams come true (and more).

The Young Adventuress is one of the few blog newsletters I am subscribed to, always read and even forward to some friends and family members because I like them so much. The unfortunate thing is that her workload as obviously become so big that now some other bloggers write for her too (mentioning their own name as author) and somehow those articles do not touch my heart.

Authentic Chica

Naomi Louwerens of Authentic Chica, or Authentic Chic Travel & Lifestyle as her blog is called nowadays, is a class apart within the travel bloggers segment. Like a chef has his/her signature dish, she has her signature style, displayed in her photos, blogs, website, and especially her Instagram gallery. 183K followers on Instagram (June 2020), this girl knows what she is doing! Naomi also shares her expertise with others via her numerous blog posts on how to grow on social media.

Originally from the fashion industry, Naomi created her own unique, authentic style. She’s a true hat and elegant dress lover too. Fashionable, luxurious and classy yes, but snobby or arrogant no, not at all! Naomi and I have met ecah other a number of times in person and I can honestly say she is a really friendly, enthusiastic and open personality. I admire her courageous step to give up her fulltime job and start up her own company in 2015/2016. Those things are not easy but Naomi is a smart girl and her determination and dedication obviously bring her success as a girl boss.

Naomi posts blogs every week, and every time they look amazing and are interesting to read. Maldives, South Africa, Bali, Morocco, New York, Ireland, Greece, Croatia, etc. The list of beautiful destinations Authentic Chica blogged about seems endless. I adore the way she uses color in her pictures. In addition she likes reviewing unique, luxury hotels and stays authentic by blogging about her home country too: The Netherlands.

Travel blogger, online influencer, photographer, content creator, professional hotel & trip tester, public speaker, PR & Marketing advisor… Naomi a.k.a. Authentic Chica does it all, and good. It is great to see the audience inspired when she speaks, Naomi knows how to engage people. I can see why companies want to work with her, they’d be crazy not to. It is also fun to follow her on Instagram; she always kindly replies to comments and has really awesome giveaways.

My Wanderlust Diary

My Wanderlust Diary is a “diary of a modern hippie with a job as international sales manager”. With her honest, enthusiastic, critical land sarcastic vision of the world, Linda Hoekstra takes her readers to the highs and lows of her life. Despite the fact that she is almost constantly out on the road, Linda is from the Netherlands and her blog is written in Dutch. What I especially like about Linda’s Wanderlust Diary blogs is her openness, drive for adventure and humor.

Coincidentally Linda and I met during a flight from Bucharest to Cluj Napoca (Romania). Both on a business trip as providers of international sales training in the animal health business. During the flight we also discovered that both of us have a travel blog. How cool is that?! Moreover Linda is an animal lover; she owns a horse and rabbit (most blogs start with bunny spam LOL). You can imagine why I liked this girl instantly LOL

Linda is a real travel addict. I’d say the perfect fit for her international job that requires her to travel almost continuously to remote areas in Africa and Eastern Europe. She also lived in New Zealand some time during her studies. Linda’s writing style is easy to read and funny. And on top of that: she blogs about destinations that are/were on my bucketlist, for example:

Mid-July 2017 Linda was in the studio of the Dutch Radio 1 for an interview about her urge to go on adventurous trips to ‘extreme’ destinations, the so-called ‘countries with safety risks’. Basically Linda likes visiting countries that are not swamped by tourists (yet), where you do not come across people from your own country on every corner, and where the food is different than at home. For example, Linda just came back from a holiday round trip through Kyrgyzstan. Who even knows where that is?!

Of course there are lots more travel bloggers around. The three mentioned above are my personal favorites right now. Besides, I did not want to bother you with a too long list with “others who are also good”. But hey, who knows I might write a part 2 of this list someday, whenever I’ll have time 😉

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Naomi 09/10/2017 - 19:17

Woooowww Elisa, you’re soooo sweet and I feel so honored to be mentioned so extensively here! Really nice to read and it was such a pleasure meeting you too!
Hope to see you again soon and thanx so much for this awesome write up♡♡♡
Keep up the great work, xxx
Naomi AKA Authentic Chica?

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Flitter Fever 09/24/2017 - 10:37

Pleasure! You deserve all the love and credits girl 😉 Keep it up! Hugs, Elisa

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Adriana 12/24/2022 - 13:50

There are undoubtedly many travel blogs out there today, some of whom are better than others. Thanks for sharing in this blog your favorite bloggers with their own unique style and audience.

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