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What’s in a name…

You might wonder where the name Flitter Fever came from and/or stands for? In this article I will tell you all about it.

FLITTER to move quickly, rapidly, nimbly, like a bird in flight, move through the air (as if) with wings.

That’s what traveling is, right? I am flittering from one country to another. Just wish I had a pair of wings ūüėČ

Nimbly really describes my personality and behaviour. A quick, lively, active and alert type of person. Alertness is essential for a good travel blogger, noticing those details that readers are interested in to read, and see images of.

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg
Me @ the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg

Yes, I also could have used the more common word flutter instead of flitter. But I simply like flitter more because it is a less common word, underlining my urge to be different, unique, original, stand out of the crowd – general in life and as a travel blogger. Refused to be ‚Äėdime a dozen‚Äô from an early age, stubborn in finding my own way. Things you cannot find in a general travel guide.

Flitter sounds like‚Ķ glitter! I am not the gold and diamond kinda diva, no inappropriate show off bling-bling in a slum, but I do appreciate some nice comfort and luxury during my travels, when possible and appropriate. Great locations, awesome views, delicious food, no snoring fellow sleepers in a smelly dorm room… Living the good life!

Flitter Fever & Birds

Obviously flittering refers to birds.

  • I feel like a lucky bird, being able to travel so often and see so much of the world. I do realize not many are so privileged.
  • Free as a bird. The freedom of travelling the world and write about it freelance. Freedom is a great thing.
  • I believe that traveling brings you a bird’s eye view in two ways. Literally, as a panoramic view from a highly located place, great for photography. And figuratively, as traveling broadens your perspective on the world and its population.
  • I love birds and to hear them singing outside, the ultimate holiday feeling! Do you also secretly sing to yourself while driving in your car, sing along loudly during a live concert of your favourite band, or like singing in a karaoke bar somewhere in Asia?!
  • By the way I am not the type of girl who eats like a bird, I am crazy about food! My favorite kitchens are Italian and Japanese. I also like writing restaurant reviews as I believe the good ones deserve free promotion.
Woodpecker on a palm tree on Cuba
Woodpecker on a palm tree on Cuba

As you might know, in the fascinating philosophy of Feng Shui, birds have different special meanings, such as new opportunities, freedom, happiness, love, commitment, good luck. And that is exactly what traveling and this blog mean to me, and possibly to you too.

Inviting birds into your environment is believed to be the same thing as blessings from heaven. And placing birds in your house in certain direction should bring you luck and many helpful friends in life. Friends are a blessing. On this travel blog site you will be going to see some of my helpful friends as guest writers, sharing their interesting stories with you. Reading the blogs on this website will hopefully make you feel like listening to a good old friend, who provides you with some useful tips.

FEVER is not only characterized by the undue rise in temperature and quickening of the pulse, but also intense nervous excitement, and excitement can actually fever one.

You know that feeling, when you haven‚Äôt been able to travel for a while, that you start to feel restless, wanting to make travel plans anxiously?! Almost a bit like feverish withdrawal symptoms… Yep, travel addict!

After all these years I am still super excited for every trip that I take. Taking a flight still often results in butterflies in my stomach. I love travel planning and finding the best places to go so much, it literally quickens my pulse! So does finding that special spot and making a photo of it.

Traveling and travel blogs can work like a viral fever, it may ‘infect’ you to visit the same destinations. So be careful, you might catch the flitter fever too!

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